What is Tectan®?

Tectan® is made out of unused waste from the beverage carton industry, which consists mainly of paper. In a specially dev-
eloped process, the waste (raw material) is shredded, dried and then converted into granules. Depending on the designated usage, the required amount of polyethylene is added to the existing polyethylene that stems from the original carton sea-
lant. The resulting Tectan® is processed further, mainly by injection molding, and turned into products such as core plugs and edge protectors.

Tectan Material Herstellung


Production of the Tectan® material requires only paper and polyolefins, for example low-density polyethylene (LDPE), high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP). These are then combined according to a formula that delivers the requisite end-product properties; here, the paper fibers serve as stabilizers and increase the rigidity of the plastic matrix. Thanks to the high percentage of paper fiber and our optimum production process, Tectan® boasts qualities that can otherwise only be achieved in purely plastic products by means of a complicated process.


Tectan® is produced in our plant using modern high-performance machines that guarantee high process reliability. The resulting high quality is reflected in the long-term loyalty of our customers.


By using paper fibers (secondary resources) that come from 100% FSC-accredited plantations, fossil resources such as crude oil can be saved and substituted by renewable resources. During the manufacture of products made of Tectan® we ensure there is no negative ecological impact on the air, soil or water.

Tectan® products are suitable for multiple uses and can be 100% recycled again and used to create new products.

Tectan Properties


Tectan® is a new material that processed using injection molding. The components of the composite are paper and polyethylene.

Mechanical properties

Properties Standards Tectan® form
Tensile strength EN ISO 527 18 N/mm²
Bending strength EN ISO 178 24 N/mm²
Bending E-module EN ISO 179 1.000 N/mm²
Density DIN 54379 1,02 g/cm²
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EVD mbh was founded in 1990 by the Tetra Pak group in order to manufacture secondary products from waste laminated carton. The resulting Tectan® composite is used to make core plugs and edge protectors that play such a crucial role in securing freight for transport. Modern high-tech machinery guarantees high-precision manufacturing processes. The resulting quality we achieve can be gauged from the satisfaction of our ever larger client base.

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