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Entwicklungsgesellschaft für Verbundmaterial Diez mbH (EVD) produces the material Tectan®. EVD was founded in 1990 by the international Tetra Pak® group with the aim of manufacturing secondary products from the unused waste resulting from beverage carton production. In 1997, when Tetra Pak® decided not to continue running EVD in its original form, the employees who had been involved in the development of Tectan® took over the firm.

Today, using the injection molding technique, we produce products for industrial applications, products such as core plugs and edge protectors. Our customer base includes, amongst others, large Swedish paper factories. Our production plant supplies these factories directly on a just-in-time basis via rail transport. The raw materials we use for our products are, amongst others, the unused waste from the beverage carton industry, and give our material its special properties.

Unternehmen Historie

Our history

  • 19 90 EVD was founded by Tetra Pak®; a manufacturing plant was built to produce chipboard from unused Tetra Pak beverage cartons
  • 19 97 EVD was acquired by an MBO and the Tectan® product line developed
  • 19 99 Market launch of injection molded Tectan® products
  • 20 04 Introduction of a new reprocessing technology for paper/plastic granules
  • 19 91 Tectan® was developed and Tectan® chipboard launched on the market
  • 19 98 Installation of a plant to manufacture
    paper/plastic granules
  • 20 00 Installation of further injection molding machines
  • 20 06 Ongoing continuous expansion and development of the product line for the manufacture of injection molded Tectan® products.
Wofür wir stehen?

What we represent

Preservation of resources and the sustainable development of secondary raw materials.

We develop innovative products for our clients and in co-operation with our clients, products that offer customized solutions for each client’s specific requirements. We strive to create the conditions for ecologically sustainable development and optimal utilization of raw materials and energy resources by permanently improving our processes, products and manufacturing methods. During the manufacture of products made of Tectan® we ensure there is no negative ecological impact on the air, the soil or water.

Our commitments

In order to guarantee sustainable production across the board we use green electricity, thus saving approx. 380 t of CO2 every year. Our commitment to the environment and reusing secondary raw materials is goes hand in hand with social commitment. As such, we support the association Lebenshilfe Limburg e.V. with donations and internships. Since 2013 we have employed one of the organization’s staff as a fixed member of our team. Supporting the German Police Union with an annual donation is also close to our hearts. Among other things, the funds are used for preventative traffic safety measures in elementary schools.

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How best to contact us

Questions to Tectan®, Core plugs
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+49 (0)6432 1061
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Thomas Hess
Thomas Hess, Managing Director
About Entwicklungsgesellschaft
für Verbundmaterial Diez (EVD)

EVD mbh was founded in 1990 by the Tetra Pak group in order to manufacture secondary products from waste laminated carton. The resulting Tectan® composite is used to make core plugs and edge protectors that play such a crucial role in securing freight for transport. Modern high-tech machinery guarantees high-precision manufacturing processes. The resulting quality we achieve can be gauged from the satisfaction of our ever larger client base.

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